What We Love



As an ethnically diverse community, we have a constant battle with Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, and Heart Disease.  As a club, we like to promote healthy activities through weekly, monthly, and yearly cycling, running, yoga and other fitness activities as well as display good eating habits to keep a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition.



Although, we are a cycling club, several members participate in triathlon events, yoga, weightlifting and hiking to keep the body in motion. Participating in multiple exercises keeps their body in constant fat burning motion and avoids a weight loss plateau. It all starts with having the right gear to work out in and being consistent with our workouts building up our endurance for longer activity times. 



We are not limited to exercise either.  We look forward to growing our MTCCVA Family by getting to know one another at Jazz Concerts, Bowling Events, Gun Ranges and Cookouts.  The MTCCVA is a unique family that is built on supporting each others goals and Our hope is that in sharing our adventures with each other will inspire our community to find new adventures each year. Let's keep building strength and health together, then we can share the stories of the exciting places that our bodies take us.