Major Taylor Cycling Club of Virginia

Major Taylor Zwift Sessions

Thank you all that continue to support our ride in Zwift from all across the Major Taylor Cycling Clubs. We are humbled by the consistent turnout of our members, friends and family that support our rides.

These rides occur each Tuesday & Thursday at 7:05 PM EST.  For the latest our rides be sure to subscribe to our Events page. You must download the Zwift Companion App to your mobile device to setup a Zwift meetup.

Come join Major Taylor VA on Zwift

Zwift Set-up and other information; within the Zwift Companion app please search for Major Taylor Va Org.

DescriptionZwift Training rides for winter training. Ride will be held each Tuesday & Thursday evening at 7:05 PM.  Please log in early to make sure that your devices synch up and you get a slight warm up before the ride.  

Ride Location:  Your home with virtual connection via Zwift

Chat (Voice & Video)


Chat in Zwift or join us on Discord to connect with ride leaders and fellow Zwifters for some friendly in-ride chat.

Discord Channel:

Join us on Discord during the ride to participate in audio conversation with one another. It will help the time pass by and give you a space to ask all the questions you have about Zwift and Cycling in general. To have the full immersive community experience you must try this. Take a minute get Discord setup on your phone, iPad or computer.

Virtual Ride Calendar

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